Review : Beartooth @ Sneaky Dee’s

If you plan on going to a Beartooth show to catch some old Attack Attack tunes, you’re barking up the wrong moshpit. This past week I got to catch ex-Attack Attack Caleb Shomo’s new band, Beartooth.

The most exciting part to me was that this was definitely a step up from Caleb’s previous project. Beartooth’s set was a bombardment of sound; from Caleb’s screams to the band backing him, the overall sound was unexpected and impressive.

Although the Toronto show was small, only partially filling Sneaky Dee’s, it seemed like a crowd belonging to a much larger act. Playing all the songs off their debut EP and a couple new ones, the audience did their best to get right up in Caleb’s face and yell the lyrics right back at him, keeping Caleb’s on the move and somehow supporting a slew of crowdsurfers.

Beartooth are successfully finding a place between between fast punk and heavier metalcore, while encouraging utter chaos from their fans, and are definitely a band to watch out for.

Make sure to check them out opening for August Burns Red on November 28th at the SoundAcademy!


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