Brendon Urie Used To Run Weed

Brendon Urie has revealed in a new interview that he used to run weed when he was 13. Check out a snippet of the interview after the jump

You wrote that you were surprised Spencer needed help because you assumed that the band was just dabbling in drugs and the rock star life. Was there ever a time period where you personally felt you were getting in too deep, with drugs?
No. For everybody it’s different, which I know is a cliche thing to say, but everyone has a different way of going about experimenting with drugs. I had my fair share, but I did it pretty early on actually. The first time I had a drink of alcohol, I was 12. The first time I smoked weed I was 13. Then I started delivering weed to people, like a middle man. It was part of my life pretty early on.

How old were you when you were running weed?
I was just a little guy, like 13 or 14. I’d get on my bicycle and ride to people and hang out and smoke. It was a whole thing. I did it pretty early on and it lasted for quite a while but I was pretty honest with everybody around me. I didn’t want to hide it from anyone, and it never became a problem. I just wanted to make sure that everyone was OK. When I joined the band, we were too young to even drink or do anything like that. I wanted to respect their wishes, so I held back and stopped doing it around them. I didn’t want to be a problem.

But then, when we finished our first record cycle, we locked ourselves in a cabin outside of Las Vegas. I’m not saying we lost our minds, but we needed some time to understand what we had just experienced over the previous two years. There was some experimenting and some people were trying things for the first time, but if I had ever seen it was a problem, I would have wanted to help. I never wanted to be a hinderance on anyone’s progress.



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