Album Review: Common Courtesy



Album Review: Common Courtesy

A Day to Remember have just self-released their newest album. I repeat, self-released their newest album. In my opinion, that’s a pretty big feat considering the court proceedings between the band and Victory Records.

Common Courtesy is the perfect blend that they could’ve come up with between the familiar tributes to their roots. With opening tracks “City of Ocala” and “Right Back at it Again”, the album provides long-time listeners and new fans a range of 13 tracks that delve into the bands progression through the pop-punk, post-hardcore genres and subsequently, everything in between.

The band’s progression both lyrically and musically becomes evident through each song, as can be heard in “Sometimes You’re The Hammer, Sometimes You’re The Nail” their growth as musicians, as a whole band is projected in the track among the rest of the album.

The fourth track “Dead and Buried”, (which can be heard as ADTR perform the song on their current headlining tour) is a heavier track, reminiscent of earlier tracks off For Those Who Have Heart, with their signature breakdowns and backing vocals this is one of my favourite tracks. The next tracks “Best of Me” and “I’m Already Gone”, provide listeners a mix between catchy and easy to listen to tracks, the latter is another favourite of mines.

This past summer, Violence (Enough is Enough) was played at Riot Fest Toronto as the opening track, if only I knew back then it would only be a glimpse of what the band were coming up with on the record! A heavy, very ADTR-like (killer vocals, guitars and breakdowns!) the track only adds to the album’s intensity.

Track 8, “Life @ 11” provides more of Jeremy’s killer vocals. It’s a pop-punk track that clearly has your head bouncing up and down, another signature ADTR track.

Another few tracks that I really like are “I Surrender”, “End of Me”, and “I Remember”, with the addition of acoustic guitars these tracks provide listeners a slight contrast to the band’s heavier, scream and breakdown filled tracks as heard in “Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way” and “The Document Speaks For Itself”. These two tracks provide the in your face sound we’re so familiar with when listening to A Day To Remember.

Side note: the little tidbits you’ll hear at the end of certain tracks also add to the band’s authentic sound on the record.

I give Common Courtesy a 9/10.

Mind you, this was written as I really listened to each track more than once and give my opinions as a long-time fan; take it, as you will!

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