Review & Photos: Scream It like You Mean It @ Phoenix Concert Theatre

The 2013 edition of the Scream It Like You Mean It tour made its final stop on Saturday November 9th at the Phoenix Concert Theatre. With a stacked line-up supporting the headliners, Story of the Year, brought their much-anticipated 10th anniversary tour celebrating Page Avenue as well, other surprises for the attendees.

The first opening acts, Sleep When You’re Dead, I Am King and Set It Off set the mood for the crowd and energized the venue for the bigger opening bands, Hawthorne Heights and Silverstein, whom played a somewhat hometown show that had the crowd amped and sent crowd-surfers flying from all over the place.

To conclude the night, the veterans of the night took the stage to a completely engaged and excited crowd. Story of the Year, not only played their debut album, Page Avenue but also covered other alt rock favourites like My Chemical Romance’s ‘I’m Not Okay’ and The Used’s ‘Taste of Ink’. Story of the Year, proved to successfully keep their loyal fan base excited, keep rocking with age and belt out the tracks that made us fall in love with the scene and their sounds.

Story of The Year:



Hawthorne Heights:

Set It Off:

I Am King:

Sleep When You’re Dead:


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