Photos & Review: R5 at First Ontario Centre

R5 are currently on their Canadian leg of their Worldwide Louder Tour 2014, having previously played their European leg, and this month a few Canadian cities including Hamilton. Monday night (April 7th) the quintet played First Ontario Centre (formerly Copps Coliseum) to a few thousand fans.

Opening acts Brandon and Savannah from the America’s Got Talent series and DJ Ryland Lynch (youngest brother of the Lynch family) got the crowd pumped up for the headliners, as each set rolled the atmosphere increased ten-fold!

As an early show, presumably to respect curfews, R5 took the stage at 8:30PM. The band opened with their latest singles ‘Forget About You’ and ‘Pass Me By’,  the band consisting of brothers, Riker, Rocky and Ross; sister, Rydel and best friend, Ellington each gave lively performances for their crowd, the R5Family. Track after track, the sounds of fans singing along were as rapturous as can be, even more so with the dialogue amongst each member as they interacted with the crowd throughout the night.

The set list also included a few surprise covers of well-known and chart-topping singles, like John Newman’s ‘Love Me Again’ and OneRepublic’s ‘Counting Stars’. R5 were able to take their own pop-rock spin to the tracks, which were met with enthusiasm from the crowd.

On a personal note, I really admired how each member’s roles aren’t strictly withheld to their instruments but also incorporate their own voices in their tracks, as heard throughout the set with either Rocky, Riker or Rydel singing a chorus or hook as Ross Lynch, star of Disney’s Austin & Ally, is usually designated as the band’s lead singer.

Overall, the band’s performance was energetic, filled with great instrumentals and offered a wonderful family experience that I’m sure left many with smiles on their faces!

Side note, a zoom lens would’ve helped me out a lot! 😉


One thought on “Photos & Review: R5 at First Ontario Centre

  1. Best.night.EVERRR!!!!!!!!!! I was in the 4th row but managed to sneak up to the stage! They didn’t touch any of the fans accept for me!!! I was right in front of Riker when he came to the far edge of the stage. See him bend down during “If I Can’t Be With You” and then turn around and walk to the speakers at the back of the stage? Well when he bent down, that’s when he touched my hand!!!

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