Photos & Review: Neon Trees at the Phoenix Concert Theatre

On Thursday night, Neon Trees brought their Pop Psychology tour to the Phoenix Concert Theatre, the quartet fronted by the exuberant vocalist, Tyler Glenn filled the venue with their infectious pop-anthems such as “Lessons in Love”, “Animals” and newer tracks off Pop Psychology “I Love You (But Hate Your Friends)”, and “Sleeping with a Friend”.

Throughout the night, Glenn captivated the audience with his lively dance moves, his impeccable voice and commanded the stage with ease, his presence was felt from the front of the venue to the back.

Likewise, the other members gave an equally impressive performance with Elaine Bradley commanding the stage behind her drum kit, the whole band was nothing short of colourful and vibrant, and literally with their instruments, it was all well noted as seen in our photographs.

During a break in their performance, the band paid homage to our Home and Native land, breaking into a keyboard/synth rendition of our national anthem to commemorate our belated Canada Day and their live keyboardist hailing from Dawson Creek, British Colombia.

The fans were clearly enthralled by the headliners; many were dancing, singing along and overall enjoying the show the band put on, as I was also enjoying the show on numerous occasions, I caught myself singing along to my favourites. If there’s a formula for a nearly perfect lead vocalist, Tyler Glenn is it, likewise, for an incredible band performance, Neon Trees knows how to provide just that. Here are our photos from the night below!




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