Photos & Review: Miss May I

Ohio’s Miss May I, are currently supporting their latest release Rise of the Lion. Vocalist Levi Benton had fans off their feet and crowd surfing throughout each track. The vocalist was connected with the crowd, often pointing and smiling as kids sang along to every word and hanging on to Levi’s movements. It wasn’t difficult following Benton’s mane carry him from each corner of the stage.

The band also performed tracks from their earlier releases including Monument At Heart, the band opened with “Hey Mister”. Likewise, each band member connected with track after track surmounting to the band’s last song and a personal favourite “Relentless Chaos”. The track aptly described the movements from the pit, as chaotic, lively and utterly relentless.

Each breakdown caused the venue to shake with excitement as the line-up rolled through, Miss May I were able to live up to the expectations and deliver a solid performance leaving fans undoubtedly satisfied. Here are live shots of Miss May I from their performance in Toronto at the Phoenix Concert Theatre on the night of Jan 30th, 2015.



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