Barbie Is Now A Youtube Vlogger?


A lot of us grew up playing with Barbie dolls, but did you know she has now started making her own youtube vlogs?! Check out Barbie’s first vlog after the jump

I think this will be great for the future generations that play with Barbie dolls. They seem to have toned down Barbie (I always thought the dolls looked like they were in their mid to late 20’s) and have made her into someone more relatable for younger girls. In the vlog, Barbie tells us 10 things we may not have known about her, which included her favourite subjects at school and how she likes to use her clothes to express her mood, and reminded her viewers to be who ever they want to be!

By starting these videos, I think Mattel has a wonderful platform to teach girls to be themselves.

Edit: after writing this article, I’ve realized vlog #2 is up! and it’s all about expressing yourself, and how having a positive attitude can change everyone!


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